Strip & Refinish – One-time

Area will be cleared of chairs, floor mats, trash containers and cardboard boxes
Items stuck to the floor will be carefully removed using a putty knife or scraper
Floor will be dust mopped or swept to remove surface dirt and debris
Finish will be removed using floor machine and/or auto scrubber and appropriately diluted chemical stripper solution
Careful attention will be given to thoroughly stripping of edges
Baseboards will be cleaned as possible using edge machine, hand held pad or brush along with baseboard cleaner
Dirty stripper solution will be picked up using wet-vac or squeegee and mop
Floor will be rinsed several times with clean water, followed by a neutralizer solution, then allowed to completely dry before finish is applied
Four (4) coats of sealer and/or finish will be applied using flat microfiber applicator or 100% rayon finish mop head to achieve hi-solid content and desired appearance
Standard Procedures
All necessary supervision, equipment and supplies will be furnished by cleaning company
Customer agrees to clear area including furniture in advance
Safety signs, cones and/or barriers may be used to control access to area being serviced
Cleaning Company will be provided with all necessary security codes, fobs or access keys prior to start of work
Cleaning Company will return items such as chairs and trash containers as close to original location as possible
Upon completion of work, all equipment, safety signs/barriers and used supplies will be removed from building
Upon completion of work, building alarms and lights will be secured per instructions
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